in lockdown...

Hello to everyone in this strange time of lockdown - in parts relaxing, boring, fascinating and frightening...wanted to say a virtual hi and send you my best...


I'm back in the UK after spending much of 2019 in Cannes, where it was great to do three plays for France's only English-speaking theatre company. In particular it was a massive pleasure to play Alan Bennett opposite Jennifer Wilson in The Lady in the Van.  Jennifer has had an amazing career and even as she approaches her 10th decade she remains an absolutely storming, generous performer and a total joy to work with.  Cannes completely flooded while the show was on, the water table got contaminated and large numbers of people in the local area, including me, went down with a nasty water-borne parasite - but it was STILL great to spend a few months by the sea, fill up on French pastries and work on a beautiful piece of writing with a lovely company.


I've just finished work on the title song for a new documentary series, which we're hoping to release as a single, and I'm half-way through recording a new historical audio series where I get to sing and play lots of different characters. When we'll get to record the other half is anybody's guess...I suppose we'll all have to find a new normal, at least for a while.  In the meantime, good luck, stay safe, bon courage and lots of love.

You can see some of Beric presenting HQ Trivia above, or hear him chatting about it on the Empire Film Podcast by clicking on the player on the right.
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