strange times...

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Hello to everyone in these strange times - hope you're holding up okay!

I've been in the UK this year, after spending much of 2019 in Cannes, where it was great to do three plays for France's only English-speaking theatre company. In particular it was a massive pleasure to play Alan Bennett opposite the wonderful Jennifer Wilson in The Lady in the Van.  

I'm really excited to have been part of Citizen Paine, a new 7-part audio dramatisation with songs that debuted this September.  It charts the life of Thomas Paine, the son of a Norfolk corset-maker who travelled the seas and was instrumental in the American independence movement, amongst other accomplishments in an extraordinary life.  I got to play multiple characters and sing, and had the opportunity to do the final mixing and mastering from my studio.  The project was the brainchild of Paul Tibbey, who wrote the book, music and lyrics as well as doing all the sound design, playing multiple instruments and voicing a huge range of characters - he truly is a maestro.

Citizen Paine is available to listen to as a podcast, via Spotify, iTunes and at this link.

In October we are shooting the video for Idleland, which will be released as a single.  I re-recorded vocals for this with the brilliant Penni Tovey and created a reworked version of the song as the title track for a forthcoming Netflix documentary series.  Stay tuned.

Till we're all the other side of this, good luck, stay safe and lots of love.

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Beric is interviewed on the September 2020 Something To Do With Art podcast, which you can listen to here.
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