in lockdown...

Hello to everyone in this strange time of lockdown - hope you're holding up okay!

I'm back in the UK after spending much of 2019 in Cannes, where it was great to do three plays for France's only English-speaking theatre company. In particular it was a massive pleasure to play Alan Bennett opposite the wonderful Jennifer Wilson in The Lady in the Van.  


For a bit of lockdown relief, I'll be the host of another interactive quiz show, starting mid-May, this time on behalf of one of our national newspapers - stay tuned.


I've just finished work on the title song for a new documentary series for Netflix, and we're hoping to release the song as a single.  


And I've nearly finished work on a new historical audio series by Paul Tibbey, in which I get to sing and play lots of different characters.  I'm really excited about this - Paul is a brilliant writer and composer.  The cast started recording this in a studio in Brighton last year, but I'm finishing off in my own studio in London, with the other actors' parts being recorded separately and edited in...virtual collaborations, Zoom meetings...I suppose we'll all have to find a new normal, at least for a while.  


Till we're all the other side of this, good luck, stay safe and lots of love.

For a quiz show throwback, you can see some of Beric presenting HQ Trivia above, or hear him chatting about it on the Empire Film Podcast by clicking on the audio player.  
You can read Beric's Empire Magazine review of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom by clicking on the picture.
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